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  1. Help us #freesaeed

  2. Jim says:

    Rand Paul was telling anyone who would listen that US weapons would be used to kill Christians in Syria back in August. HuffPo covered it, and while the article was pretty good, the video featured two giggly men mocking him.

    I guess salon missed the story.

  3. PP Vet says:

    That liberal look at what the right believes has just enough truth in it to be dangerous.

    Whenever someone on either side wants to pawn off their worldview on you, they try to get their facts to seem right, so that they can sell you a lie.

    In that vein, it is very hard to get at the truth of what the Syrian rebels are in fact doing to Christians there.

  4. “In that vein, it is very hard to get at the truth of what the Syrian rebels are in fact doing to Christians there.”
    No it isn’t. They beheaded a Bishop. That was pretty clear.

  5. Dude says:

    I read some of Driscolls stuff a few years ago,I wasnt very impressed.I’m not going to readhis latest work now.If he did what he is being accused of then he will pay the piper for it.
    I want to wish a wonderfull Thanksgiving to all of you.

  6. The article 3 things every christian should know. Typical evangelical claptrap. To the author, the 3 things are all about me the christian … not about Jesus my Lord.

    Where do guys come up with this? Why do evangelicals always insist I look inward?

  7. stu says:

    Because you do.

  8. stu,
    You are 100% correct – the old Adam in me always wants to look inward at what I do and what I think and feel. And these evangelical preachers / writers don’t know that is wrong and just continually feed the old man.

    The writer’s point is that I need to “know” Jesus – isn’t it good enough that that through His saving work on the cross that Jesus now “knows” me.(I have no idea why the guy brought in the idea of sexual relations)

    While evangelicals are satisfied in “accepting Christ” – me and my tradition celebrate that Jesus has accepted me.

  9. stu says:

    I’m not too correct at all and I’m not too smart but don’t try to tell me it’s wrong to look inward. How else are we to know we’re sinners? Don’t answer that. It’s a rhetorical question. Don’t you ever take the Lord’s supper?

    I don’t speak to “them”. “Them” and “they” are merely a generalization. I could generalize about Lutherans but it would be disingenuous because I don’t know enough Lutherans from enough Lutheran churches to know even a small sampling of Lutherans. I could read a dozen Lutheran websites and blogs and still know little to nothing about real Lutherans. The same goes for evangelicals. Even more so because there are so many branches of evangelicism. Many times you see things that aren’t there. You read through your own smug-colored glasses. You are good at accusing and excusing. I take what you say with a grain of pride. You and your tradition. Guilt by association. You slop with the same broad brush John MacArthur does. Maybe you should trade it in for a book on Martin Luther and grace.

  10. I take communion to receive forgiveness of my sin … which is always there, I don’t need to look for it. I take communion to receive God’s grace. Again, even the communion is outside of me – until I put it inside of me 😉

  11. stu says:

    Your sin was forgiven at the cross. You receive complete forgiveness when you repent. Repentance is more than being sorry. Reread Jesus’ words to Peter at the last supper.

  12. “While evangelicals are satisfied in “accepting Christ” – me and my tradition celebrate that Jesus has accepted me.”

    That is a good corrective. I don’t at all believe the absolute broad brush that MLD is painting with, but his point resonates. I could definitely stand to focus more on Jesus and His work, and less on my response.

  13. stu says:

    I “accepted Christ”. I accept and receive his complete work on the cross for me and accept and receive his forgiveness of my sin. I heard the gospel and repented of my sin and my worthless life, confessed my sin and accepted and received the Holy Spirit. That was the starting point. Since that day I learned it’s not about me but it’s all about him- that he accepted me. it’s a no brainer.

    I am completely satisfied. if someone says they have accepted Christ but haven’t that’s another matter.

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