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21 Responses

  1. Good stuff Michael. You sparked a lot of warm fires.

  2. Whoa! first.

  3. Donn says:

    Got to say that Driscoll’s continued arrogance in the opening minutes is astounding. From talking about how he’s adept at running conferences (while taking a swipe at the host), to how many followers he has on social media, it’s quite nauseating. And that’s just the first few minutes.

  4. Michael says:

    Wait till you get to the part where she nails him for plagiarism…

  5. Michael says:

    Thank you, BD…

  6. Bryan Stupar says:

    That interview was the equivalent of standing in a dirty port-o-potty for 18 minutes, 31 seconds.

  7. Donn says:

    Just finished it. Interesting that he is basically being accused of the same thing that his wife has also been accused of (plagiarism) on that Wenatchee website before. Love how Driscoll continues to drop the name of the name of the guy who he plagiarized (over and over and over and over….he’s my friend, we have dinner together, his wife is so nice).

  8. steve says:

    Driscoll’s in a no-win situation in this one, I think. Driscoll’s not a theologian – the amazing gift God has given him is his ability to take theological truths and communicate them to the masses in a very populist manner.

    So really, he’d need to footnote almost everything he ever writes, because that’s what he does – takes serious theologian’s ideas and makes them readable for the everyday Joe. And I think that’s what he was trying to get at when he was talking about his book was about how that idea works itself out in society.

    But he certainly can’t help being arrogant, can he? When he calls someone else out, it’s speaking truth, but when someone does it to him, they’re being rude. He kept blaming the “telephone game of the internet” regarding the supposed confiscation of books, but everything I read on it was directly quoting his own tweets. Not sure how that’s the telephone game…

  9. The Driscoll piece made me sad on many points.

  10. covered says:

    Not a big fan of Driscoll but the interviewer definitely had an agenda. Both were wrong.

  11. brian says:

    I think Mrs. Mefford had some reasonable points but she did an interview with Ray Comfort about his video Evolution vs God and failed to mention the several times people pointed out that Mr. Comfort appears (this is just my opinion of a public figure) to use other peoples work without citation. Dont believe me go to the forward of his version of origin of the species and look at the forward the outline of Darwin’s life is very closely related to another authors biography of Darwin. I agree that both Mr. Driscoll and and Mrs. Mefford had “agenda’s”. I fault Driscoll much more just because I cant stand him. Thats on me.

  12. stupid says:

    The interview was a waste of my time. A dot interviews a comma.

  13. stupid says:

    Why didn’t Matt Redmond give Vincent Van Gogh credit for his painting? Just because he’s near sighted and wouldn’t know? Driscoll wouldda.

  14. Jeff Hensley says:

    Janet Mefferd comes off like a horses you know what in that interview. He was very gracious in how he handled that. She was obnoxious.

  15. Jeff Hensley says:

    her smugness and clear pleasure at how that interview ended reveals her heart. Being pleased and finding humor at that result is certainly not Christ-like. She could learn from her own words in that interview

  16. Michael says:

    I think Driscoll is an asshat, so in my own sin I loved his discomfort.

    I’ve put repentance on my calendar…

  17. Jeff Hensley says:

    haha, you make me laugh on alot of levels, Michael. Miss seeing you at costco brother

  18. Michael says:

    We’ll do lunch someday…it’s too cold to fish. 😉

  19. Jeff Hensley says:

    would love too

  20. covered says:

    There must be a way to use “asshat” in Sunday’s message… 🙂

  21. Michael says:


    It’s happened in mine a time or two… 🙂

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