Longing For The King 3 25

Longing For The King

  I’ve never really understood looting and burning in response to gross injustice…it’s always seemed to me to be the equivalent of getting angry at your neighbor and burning your own house down. Martin...

Linkathon! 8 28


A third of America struggling with clinical anxiety or depression… What you need to know about church and communion as we enter reopening… A call for righteous anger… A lament for the griefs we...

Memorial Day 2020 12 5

Memorial Day 2020

On this Memorial Day, we honor the more than 1.1 million Americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the nation’s wars.

Prayer & Praise/Praying Through The Pandemic 16 6

Prayer & Praise/Praying Through The Pandemic

THE SUNDAY AFTER ASCENSION DAY The Collect Almighty God, whose only-begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven: May our hearts and minds also there ascend, and with him continually dwell; who lives...

Yes, I'm Afraid Of Covid 19 18 49

Yes, I’m Afraid Of Covid 19

I understand that some will see me now as a simpering wimp, but I am afraid of getting the coronavirus. My lungs are shot and my heart is failing and I wouldn’t last long...